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A data-centric investment partnership

Innovative Private Capital Solutions

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Group Guru funds esoteric assets and emerging technologies

Group Guru believes in using the scientific method to originate and construct non-traditional debt and equity transactions in collaboration with owners and operators.

Our investment portfolio focuses on structured investments in creative IP, ranging from the acquisition of music publishing rights for Cage the Elephant and Eminem albums to secured loans against creator-owned comic book media and gap financing for independent film. We've also incubated or advised venture-backed businesses in the Media, Financial Technology, Community Social and Healthcare industries.

At Group Guru, we partner directly with content producers, Founders and owners across asset classes and capital structures to build optimal and innovative financing solutions.

efficient creative capital

We provide liquidity for intellectual property owners and hard asset investors

Group Guru collaborates with creators, entrepreneurs and asset owners to unlock immediate capital opportunities while retaining long-term value

Asset-Based Strategies

Music Publishing and Masters Rights

Film (Gap) Financing
YouTube / MCN IP
Direct Lending
Real Estate Development
emerging technology focus areas

We take a thematic approach to Growth Investing and Strategic Advisory

Group Guru is based in Los Angeles and New York
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