Group Guru commits capital and expertise to innovative capital-efficient businesses with tremendous growth potential and positive social impact.

Our investment partnership is passionate about supporting exceptional entrepreneurs to bring meaningful change to the financial services, education and healthcare sectors.

Group Guru’s mission is to build, solve and transform



At Group Guru, we are a collection of friends who like to have fun while changing the world. Group Guru includes founders, financiers and executives from a variety of sectors. Through our experience in building and restructuring companies into a leading market position, we have an invaluable understanding of what is needed to execute and transform.

In addition to providing creative financing solutions, Group Guru has successfully advised our partners on a wide range of issues including business model sustainability, managing through growth, fundraising, governance, turnaround strategy, and optimizing capital structure. Simply put – we are ready to be part of the team!

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Group Guru proudly sponsors innovation, impact and genuine passion.

If you see the change, have identified a real problem ahead of it, are developing interesting IP within it, and love what you do – let’s talk!

Group Guru is based in New York City and Los Angeles.

We support the 1/1/1 model.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.